This section lists items available related to restoration and furnishing of historic properties. 

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Pecan and Shagbark Hickory Lumber

6600 board feet of air dried pecan and shagbark hickory lumber in sorted widths and thicknesses. Considerable live edge material in 4/4, 8/4, and 12/4 thickness and in lengths up to 16 feet.  

  • Band sawn from antique trees on a historic Somerset County plantation. 
  • Ideal for flooring and furniture.
  • Available at fair negotiable price.

[seller: Randy George; listed: 2/9/2021]

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Pecan planks

197 board feet of fine 4/4 pecan planks

  • Rough sawn and air dried since 2011
  • From the ‘history tree” at Beckford Manor, Princess Anne
  • Price negotiable

[seller: SCHT; listed 11/2021]

Antique house timbers (beams and joists)

  • From the c1860 William Tull House, Westover
  • Price negotiable

    [seller: SCHT]


1910 farmhouse windows

  • Approx. 42” by 30”
  • Price negotiable

  • [seller: SCHT]


    Shutters - Louvered & Panel

    • 4 louvered shutters approx 4' x 18"
    • 2 raised panel shutters approx 3'9" x 16"

    [seller: Randy George   listed: 2/2022]

    4 pairs of raised-panel shutters

    • 5’6” x 16”
    • Price negotiable

    [seller: Randy George  listed: 2/2022]

    Shutters - Solid & Louvered - 1910 Farmhouse

    • 5 pairs solid shutters 6’ x 21”
    • 4 1/2 pairs solid shutters 6’8” x 20”
    • 2-1/2 pairs louvered shutters 6’ x 21”

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    [seller: SCHT    listed: 2/2022]


    Panthers Denn Bricks - Large collection of Colonial era hand-made bricks sized and cleaned. Approximately 4,000 from c1710 and 14,000 from 1746. Sorted and stacked. Salvaged from historic Panthers Denn in Venton, MD. Intended for use in legitimate historic preservation projects. Prices negotiable.

    Reclaimed Bricks - Cleaned and sorted, a rare accumulation intended for restoration of historically significant buildings.

    • Approx 500 cleaned 18th century wall bricks 
    • Approx 300 19th century cleaned wall or paving bricks in good condition
    • All are from Somerset County 
    • Available at fair negotiable price

    [seller: Randy George; listed: 2/9/2021]


    Antique iron fencing

    • 48 ft. long

    [seller: Randy George]


    Reclaimed Hardware Numerous 18th century door hinges and miscellaneous hardware.
    • Available at fair negotiable price

    [seller: SCHT; listed 12/1/2021]

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