We are providing access to this wonderful publication Somerset 350 - 1666 to 2016 commemorating the 350th anniversary of Somerset County. [click on cover to read]

Beginning in 1983, the  Somerset County Historical Trust co-sponsored along with the Maryland Historical Trust an expanded survey of historic sites that established the research and documentation for Somerset: An Architectural History, published in 1990.

This award winning volume, written by Paul Baker Touart, is the definitive resource book for the historical architecture of Somerset County spanning more than three centuries.  It begins with a primer on Eastern Shore history, early building practices, and concludes with a carefully researched history and description of over 300 houses and other valuable structures.  The book captures the complex evolution of its building history and at the same time weaves together the intricate patterns of social and economic themes that have shaped Somerset County life.

For old and new lovers of tradition there will never be a more complete directory of our tangible architectural heritage. 

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Also by Paul Baker Touart:

Wicomico County    

At the Crossroads: The Architectural History
of Wicomico County, Maryland

Along the Seaboard Side: The Architectural History of Worcester County, Maryland

At the Head of the Bay: A Cultural and Architectural History or Cecil County, Maryland

 These are distinctive architectural traditions
that distinguish this area and are important to preserve
to educate those that are living now [and] those
that are coming in the future.


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