27012 Johnson Creek Rd, Crisfield, MD 21817
(outskirts of Crisfield)
Built c 1740
on National Register of Historic Places

3 bedrooms 1 bathroom
2,174 square feet
8 acres

As the oldest home in Crisfield, Makepeace is an enduring example of mid-18th century vernacular architecture on the Eastern Shore. The house was likely built by Jacob Cullen shortly after 1740 on a patent called Cullen’s Lott near Johnson’s Creek.

The brick work is one of the most ornate to survive from this era. Both gable ends sport intricate diaper and chevron pattern Flemish bond designs. Attached to the eastern end of the home is a single-story colonnade and a story-and-a-half kitchen. Two 6-foot fireplaces once provided heat to the first floor. There are two front doors, one leading into the great room or "hall" and the other to a stairway leading to the half story above.

This National Register house is nestled in 8 acres of lawn and woodlot on the southeastern edge of Crisfield. Though the home is in generally sound condition, some ground-level floor joists and flooring need repair.

Considered one of the gems of Somerset County, Makepeace today is looking for a new owner, undaunted by restoration challenges, who wants to own part of a centuries-old history.

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Makepeace  S-81

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Makepeace  S-81

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