Elizabeth Upshur Teackle
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An historically significant letter collection

A large collection of original letters of Elizabeth Upshur Teackle (wife of Littleton Dennis Teackle) are housed at the Alderman Library at the University of Virginia. This letter collection constitutes one of the largest personal letter assemblages that is associated with a prominent historic property in our area open to the public on a regular basis.

  • In 2008, the Maryland Historical Trust funded the transcription of a first group of 64 letters dating from 1800 through 1825 when Elizabeth lived at "Teackletonia". 
  • Recently, the second group of 101 letters, dating from 1826 through 1836, have been transcribed. During this later period she wrote from various places including Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Princess Anne as well as Northampton County, Virginia while visiting her brother-in-law John Eyre.

The Somerset County Historical Trust, in cooperation with the Somerset County Historical Society, is currently focused on obtaining funding to complete the transcription and publication of My Life at Teackletonia and Beyond: The Letters of Elizabeth Upshur Teackle (1783-1837).

Elizabeth writes about her early life in Somerset County and her very large kinship and friendship network through the Chesapeake and beyond.  She speaks of her fears during the War of 1812, the family's financial ventures and momentous financial difficulties during two major periods of national financial instability in 1819 and the mid 1830s.


Many letters shed light on her personal interests and skills, such as reading, sewing and gardening.  Throughout her life and struggles, there is a constant theme of love and devotion for her husband, daughter, and family and the letters help illuminate the complicated relationship the Teackles had with their enslaved servants.

Please help support our efforts to publish this 
historically important collection of personal letters.

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